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next Hallow’s End introduces the feature to have our characters cosplay


Okay but now imagine some death knight or otherwise severely-affected-by-Arthas person running into someone wearing this in a less populated area while not being aware that it’s a costume but intimately aware of his ability to just portal wherever he goddamn wants and you have one very dead cosplayer.


I…I ..finally I…get exalted to the Kurenai to get my talbuk

to be exalted you have to collect 10 necklace from the ogre, so I decided to collect alot of necklaces, seems to be easy when you have a hunter 90 and all the orgres are lvl 64-65, so yay easy to kill ! but damn this took a lot of times! and when this wasn’t enough I had to back to kill ogres and collect necklace again. it was almost 2 am when I finally get exalted, and poor Shaella, she must be exhausted of that. that’s why she deserve a big rest! poor thing…;v;

and yeah I did that just for having my talbuk. Totally nailed it u_u 

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